A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 17 - Page 7

The UNFATHOMABLE Beast From FATHOMS BELOW M ONDAY , A UGUST THE T WENTY -T HIRD W EDNESDAY , A UGUST THE T WENTY -F IFTH Our trip home has been most relaxing. J.W. Wells and Co. hired an entirely new airship, and for our peace of mind they manned it entirely with humans! Th ank God! We arrived in Venice, and, oh, I'm too tired to describe all the sights I've seen. Venice is strikingly beautiful, and it is pleasant to be waited upon by actual people with actual human faces. Th e Mayor is glad to be home—this is his last stop, and he returns to his duties tomorrow. He is not only the youngest man to ever hold the title, he is probably also the handsomest man to hold the title. I saw some portraits of the others in the Mayoral hall. A very rich and noble family, the Ladroncellos, are throwing a costume ball! Th ey are local Nobility—the equivalent rank, I believe, of one of our earls. Th e Mayor has secured our entire Monster Hunting party invitations! Isn't it exciting? I felt like an absolute princess at the ball! I wore the most beautiful shimmering purple silk gown with an ornately bejeweled stomacher! It almost reminded me of the dress that Cyprien had threatened to procure for me from the Genie all those months ago! Th e room was most splendidly adorned and featured an enormous golden ring on display in the center of the fl oor. All the guests wore the most fabulous outfi ts, many with an oriental fl air since the populace knew that the Mayor had just returned from Asia. Th e Mayor himself was dressed as an Indian Raja, and he looked quite dashing! "Miss Dashwood!" he cried when he saw me. "You look so beautiful! You are a morsel fi t for a prince! And no doubt you’ll have one before the night is out!" I'm sure I did not know what he meant by that, but I had little time to think about it, for Percy arrived dressed in the most beautiful