A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 17 - Page 11

I asked. "It was not mentioned in the guidebook." "I believe you might fi nd this portion of calamari a trifl e oversized," he replied. I glanced pointedly at the shattered ceiling and smashed dais—not to mention the sucker marks left upon the mahogany fl oor—and there was Percy grasping about for his own lost ring! Oh, my heart broke for him in that moment! But the whole party was ushered out of the collapsing room, and I quite lost track of him. T HURSDAY , A UGUST THE T WENTY -S IXTH Percy is strangely distant. At breakfast, he did not mention the proposal, nor did he attempt to interest me in dusty old tintypes, or indeed, in anything at all. He directed none of his conversation toward me, and whenever I discovered his eyes upon me, he turned them rapidly away. "Percy," I said, hoping to encourage the man. "I would be very interested in picking up the conversation where we left off last night." "I cannot continue this discussion without that ring," he said, standing and walking away. Poor thing must be too embarrassed for words. In the street near the cafe, I overheard some libertine tourists speaking together about removing their wedding rings in order to seduce women, the cads. Without so much as a how-do-you-do, the shaking began and the sea-monster's tentacle returned, knocking the men into the canal. As I went to look for the Mayor, I saw tentacles tossing people about like startled cats, falling debris, and all sorts of pandemonium. I saw a British couple having a terrible row about a lost