A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 16 - Page 6

THE of YOWL the Yeti S UNDAY , A UGUST THE F IFTEENTH Th e train is taking us through the Himalayas to look for the most elusive of all beasts, the Yeti! Th e view of the mountains is spectacular. Something had been on my mind for a while and so I sat down to tea with Brunhilde. "My dear friend," I began. "You once told me that your former husband, the demon Ahrimanes, was so cruel that he threatened your liberty and your life. I am concerned for your well being when we return home." "Th ank you most kindly for your concern," she replied. "But I have no doubt he is but a distant memory. He no longer haunts my dreams." "May I ask, if it's not too bold, about the mysterious red room he threatened to put you in, if you failed in your quest?" "Oh, yes, but you must steel your nerves," she said in hushed tones, then continued lowly. "If I ever disobeyed him, or refused his requests... he would... he would take me to the 'red room', and there he would... play the piano most vigorously, and out of tune, for hours! I could not get away! I could get no rest!" "Oh?" I responded, for I could think of nothing else to say. "It would have been the death of me! I could not live like that any longer. He was fond of Wagner, you know!" "Good Lord!" I gasped, and could hear no more of the horrors.