A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 16 - Page 12

T HURSDAY , A UGUST THE N INETEENTH As there was only one bed, and that one quite large, we decided, rather than fi ghting the mountains of luggage, to sleep on opposite sides of the bed, with quite our own blankets, and facing away from one another. But in the night, I admit that I slid my hand out from under the covers, and found his hand and held it—and he held mine in return. When morning came, we dressed up in our warmest winter coats and stepped outside for tea. While having tea, we apparently took the Yeti by surprise—for the giant beast came around the corner carrying our yak and halted to yowl at us! Th e beast was ferocious! Its maw matted with blood and gore! Yet its primitive aspect was adorned with the most interesting jewelry made of bone—not in a scavenged way, but almost as if it was a Yeti artisan. Th e monster tossed the yak onto our table, smashing our frozen luncheon and causing the poor beast to yell most uncomfortably! Th e Mayor rushed forth, shooting a pistol at the Yeti, but he must have quite missed, for the beast only knocked him back with one thrust. I drew my tiny gun and shot towards the beast, but the projectile was defl ected by the creature's jewelry. Th e Yeti did not stop moving or roaring, and Percy quite disappeared for a moment—only to return with his camera to photograph the beast! I cannot imagine why he thinks fi rst of my safety in every other instance, but in this one—simply because it is the rarest monster and has never been photographed—he quite ignores me. I suppose I must muster my lion-like courage. Our guide stepped out of the tent, running most aggressively towards the Yeti. Th e Yeti turned towards the man and ran straight back at him, roaring! Th e Yeti lifted up the man and then tossed him into one of the tents. He then lifted up the surprised Mayor in one arm and slung the injured yak over the other. Th en, the beast fl ed along the edge of a precipice. Percy and I immediately took after it in pursuit! After scaling the most jagged cliff face, the landscape opened once again. We chased the beast, our legs slipping thigh-deep into the snow. Th e trek became most laborious, and so the Yeti threw down Th e Mayor into the snow. We ran up to him, and he was quite beaten. His cheek was bruised and his lip bled.