A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 15 - Page 7

K K the MISANTHROPY of the MONSTER HOUSE K S ATURDAY , A UGUST THE S EVENTH I retraced my steps from the night before, and was joined by Sir Hammerhorn, Winchester, the Mayor, and Mister, all bristling with weaponry. We looked out into the yard, and although we saw claw marks dragged along the wood face of a Buddha statue, there was no sign of the escaped werewolf itself. It had vanished. "Fled into the woods, most likely," Sir Hammerhorn said. "I wonder if anyone in K the surrounding area is killed?" "You did say a wolf had been spotted in the area," Mrs. Bamfi eld reminded me as we walked together down the corridor. "To think that it managed to fi nd its way into our lodgings!" No wolf was found, nor did Lu Yan seem to be prepared to show us how to fi nd oneā€”even if it was rampaging through his own home. I haven't told anyone what I saw. I'm not entirely sure it was my business, anyway.