A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 15 - Page 18

T IPS FOR L ADY M ONSTER H UNTERS NO. 14 E very monster hunter knows that there are periods of time when a creature which previously seemed to be more in evidence than others, suddenly becomes scarce. A hunting party can be undertaking to catch the beast for weeks only to find themselves come up empty handed. The loss of an elusive monster is quite a serious thing to a monster hunter. It may seem humorous or ridiculous to imagine a fairy, gremlin or gnome rushing off with the best household dishes or a favorite hat, but the event should be respected. It can have its painful aspects. Wits say the only place to recover from such trauma is in the bathtub, sipping a sherry cobbler, but a lady may also take a stroll in a garden near a statue of admiral lord nelson (or any such inspiring figure) and afterwards refresh herself with a cool sherry cobbler, or she may choose to catch butterflies in an aerial insect net after indulging in a refreshing sherry cobbler. A remedy for failure and loose ends.