A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 15 - Page 15

smiled as he toppled behind the door he had pulled open. Only then did I realize what door he had been standing outside. An emaciated hand reached out of the cell and I began to move away. I needed to get away, but the moment its shoulder appeared, I was moving forward. I swear I could hear the screams of the entire monster hunting party! I swear Brunhilde Bamfi eld was calling out to me through the growing winds! Th e prison was freezing. Th e lady-like dew that had been misting the inside of my clothing suddenly turned cold, and I shivered so hard my teeth clacked together. An unmistakable aura of doom settled in over us; I felt an ancient power rise through the air, as implacable and unavoidable as the many fl akes of snow that fl oated in the torch lights. For a moment, I thought Lu Yan felt it as well; he hesitated, the tip of the gun dropped, and I saw an uncertainty almost flicker across his face. “Philomena…” the wind called to me, and the Wendigo appeared! Lu Yan fi red at it, but somehow, it turned to the left and instantly disappeared. Winchester only ran further up the spiraling stairs with Lu Yan in hot pursuit and Percy and I clinging close behind. Winchester ran into the mechanical room of the dead wife. Th e room that fi lled me with dread. Lu Yan yelled, “No!” We burst into the room to see Winchester smashing switches, tearing down mechanics, and just as he clambered on top of a machine and threw a large electrical switch, he tipped his hat to me. Th en he threw himself out the window. Suddenly weird, unknown monsters began to tear the walls apart from without. Percy explained after this ordeal that these may have been the creatures compelled by the Wendigo to do its bidding, but we will never know for sure. Lu Yan's wife was now more formed than when I last saw her. Her jaw and sternum were replaced