A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 13 - Page 11

to chase off the encroaching demons ! I feel a pang of regret we did not arrive during that event ! Can you imagine the wealth of demonic activity that could stimulate a young monster hunter like myself !
But perhaps his alarming story was not so alarming as his activity during our conversation , for he began to disrobe and prepare for the bath ! His body was becoming most naked , and my discomfort was beginning to bare itself as well !
I was unable to object , for he continued speaking of a sword that he had secretly smuggled in , for his own mysterious reasons , the blade of which was enchanted .
The fine physical specimen of a man reached his hand into the pool to test the waters just as I was planning some excuse to take my leave . A sudden chill filled the room ! To our horror we saw the now corporeal specter of the Geisha for the first time ! It was approaching The Mayor !
The ghost caused the waters to freeze around his arm , holding him in place . The specter reached around the Mayor ' s head and thrust the poor man into the waters of the bath below . He was sent crashing through the layer of ice which reformed over the top , encapsulating him within the waters !
The ghost was interested in a sword which
Mayor had smuggled in and it lay amid his personal effects . Now , it is here that I urge any readers of my memoirs to understand that we put rules into place for a reason . Rules are not arbitrary , no matter how they seem to inconvenience us . When a spook is known to kill people if they bring weapons into its domain , and regulations are put into place saying that you should not bring weapons , I urge you all to leave your weapons at home .
But I digress . The Geisha ghost drew the sword and ran towards Percy and myself , slashing a long line in wall and just narrowly missing us as she swung the weapon wildly over our heads . A hostess appeared at the hole in the wall , complaining most vehemently in her native tongue , possibly about the damage , but upon seeing the ghost , the poor hostess fled .
I rushed to The Mayor ' s side and began to smash at the ice around him . There was some nearby hot tea that I tried to throw on the ice to melt it , but it did nothing . I managed to crack the ice revealing his head , and he yelled , “ Get the sword back ; it ’ s our only hope !”
Percy , being quite intelligent , knew that there was a steam release valve and drain . Seeing this as his only chance to save The Mayor , he ran to the valves and turned them ,