A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 10 | Page 6

money , claiming they prospected gold together in Nevada City , Montana — wherever that might be — and boldly stated he never forgot a face . Though , I think he proved himself quite wrong on that account . Percy tried to diffuse the situation , but when the rowdy figure saw that our group was carrying guns , that was it ; He challenged Percy to a duel !
We arrived in town at 11 and Percy already had a duel at noon . Having little to no experience with a gun , but having many trigger happy traveling companions , the poor man was urged to appear at the fight ! The entire entourage of Monster Hunters including Sir Hammerhorn , The Mayor , Missus Mister and Brunhilde Bamfield at once offered their support , guidance and choice of weapons ! I have to wonder if they do not secretly think so little of him that they wish him killed ?
Percy was not a good study in marksmanship . No one wants to be in a shoot-out , even more so in the case of Percy Longville , but if you must be in a shootout , like Percy Longville , you mustn ' t show any signs of fear ! Men cower before the bold ! Imagine how the gazelle is paralyzed by fear at the powerful approach of the lion !
I believe the entire populace showed up on the street , then , and I was quite surprised to see the majority were young ladies hardly older than myself !
The ruffian said , " Do you really think you have what it takes to shoot me , boy ?"
And Percy replied with more dry sarcasm than I have ever heard him since utter , " You really ought to be asking that of the last man who charged me to a duel ."
I am unsure if it was the bravery or simply the English accent that shattered the nerves of the ruffian , but after some intense staring , the villain lost all his courage and fled ! All the women lining the streets began laughing , and some even jeered at the passing coward who jumped on his horse and disappeared into the horizon .
The women of the town were quite impressed ,