A Steampunk Guide to Hunting Monsters 10 | Page 10

most dire distress asking for help ! Ha ! Ha ! Is it not the funniest turn of events ? I shall help him , but only because he has helped me so frequently in the past . Otherwise he should deserve to take on the brunt of this charge for his boldness .
Friday , June the Twenty-Fifth
There are some American Indians who come and go from town ! I saw a most fascinating young man accompanied by an old woman . The woman wore a blanket woven of many colors in the most beautiful star-like design , and it had bead-work like I have never seen . It did not suit my aesthetic , perhaps , but there was no doubt it was created by a master of the craft . The boy was also quite exotically handsome ! He looked like a regular hero ! Perhaps shorter than an Englishman , but with a broad chest and beautiful jet black hair .
I was just doing my best to ignore Percy as he tried to get my attention — I suppose he wanted to make me jealous , but I was not having it . The ladies were all gathered around him , and I took some relief in the fact that he could only attract ladies of a " certain character " — when I was approached by the old Native woman in the beautiful blanket .
" Come ," she said to me , in a whisper , and we ducked behind the building . " I must tell you something . There are words that I cannot say .
Things I should not speak , but I must tell you ."
She stopped speaking suddenly , and looked down the dusty alleyway . On the other side stood a dog . It was watching us . The woman looked at it with the strangest look , but when it began to wag its tail the woman looked relieved . The dog ran off , and the woman continued . " It is not safe to speak now ," she said . " If it is not a rude question ," I began . " Who are you ?"
" The white folks call me Old Squaw Frew , but my name is Tala Little Wolf . You must meet me tonight , at the stables . Bring your companion ."
Tonight there will be a full moon , which is when the werewolves are said to thrive .
As the old woman and her young native companion left town I saw them being followed by the strangest-looking dog . It was not the one from the alley-way , for something about this animal seemed incorrect . I would swear it was a dog , but somehow it seemed to me to be something more akin to a dog pretending to be a dog . Does such a statement even make sense ?
Saturday , June the Twenty-Sixth
After I managed to pry Percy away from his adoring throng , we set out looking for signs of the werewolf , wary of the night ' s approaching moon cycle . We spoke to many townspeople , trying to