a pet's life magazine WINTER 2020 - Page 31

4. Cleaning supplies: This can include wipes, powdered laundry detergent, bleach, dish soap, paper towels and tissues. 5. Flea and tick medicine: Many animals who show up at shelters are infested with fleas and ticks. Medication is essential to prevent them from spreading. 6. they need to be taken out but that is very difficult to do without the right equipment. Money: Monetary donations are necessary for any shelter so they can buy Collars and leashes: To keep the animals in-shape and in the best spirits possible, 7. 8. all of the supplies they need. Donating any of these items to your local shelter will be greatly appreciated and make an important difference for the animals who Toys: While it might sound like a luxury, reside there. Check with your local shelter toys are a necessity for these animals who or rescue and confirm their needs, or if typically have too much pent up energy. something unique is needed. apl 10% OFF FIRST SERVICE $1 $1 Donated DONATED TO THE WOODWARD to HELEN the Helen ANIMAL CENTER FOR Woodward EVERY CALL WE GO ON ANIMAL CENTER Animal Center for every call we go on PIIIIIWS P L U M B I N G 10% OFF FIRST SERVICE • PLUMBING INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIRS • CONVENTIONAL WATER HEATERS • TANKLESS WATER HEATERS • STOPPAGE AND CLOGS FOR ANY SHOWER, SINK, AND TOILET • GAS LINES • PLUMBING INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIRS • DRAIN CLEANING PIPE • CONVENTIONAL AND WATER HEATERS • TANKLESS WATER HEATERS REPAIR • STOPPAGE AND CLOGS FOR ANY SHOWER, SINK, AND TOILET • SEWER CAMERA INSPECTIONS • GAS LINES • DRAIN CLEANING AND PIPE REPAIR • SLAB LEAK • SEWER REPAIR CAMERA INSPECTIONS • SLAB LEAK REPAIR • WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS • WATER FILTRATION SYSTEMS • PLUMBING INSPECTIONS • PLUMBING • INSPECTIONS WATER PRESSURE REGULATORS • REPIPE • WATER PRESSURE REGULATORS www.pawsplumbing.com • REPIPE 1-800-441-PA WS www.pawsplumbing.com 1-800-441-PAWS CA LIC. #736927 apetslifemagazine.com 31