a pet's life magazine WINTER 2020 - Page 30

PAWS FOR THOUGHT 8 BEST ITEMS TO DONATE TO ANIMAL SHELTERS Your Donation Makes a Difference I f you want to make a contribution to your local 1. Food and treats: In addition animal shelter or rescue, start with our top 8 to traditional dry and recommendations for items that are always needed: canned pet foods, many shelters also need canned tuna and baby food with meat for sick cats. 2. Towels and blankets: Typically, cages are made of metal, which is not warm. Blankets and towels are needed to help line flooring and cages where the animals are kept. 3. Food and water bowls: Food and water bowls often go overlooked when it comes to donations, but they are necessary to serve the 30 animals their meals. apetslifemagazine.com | WINTER 2020