a pet's life magazine WINTER 2020 - Page 23

focus will shift to keeping them cool and your rabbit frozen water bottles or ice packs adjusting their diet. Make sure they have to lay on. If they reside outside, make sure cold, fresh water and high-quality nutritious their hutch is shaded and gets a breeze. If it food. This is important because rabbits does not, you want to place a fan in there for eat less during warm months to reduce them. Taking these simple steps is a great how much heat they produce. To beat the start to ensure that they stay comfortable, summer heat and humidity, you can give happy, and healthy all year round. apl Wed-Fri 1pm to 6pm Saturday 11am to 5pm Sunday Noon to 4pm Grooming & Supplies Wed-Fri 1pm to 5:30pm Saturday 11am to 4:30pm Sunday Noon to 4pm CLOSED Monday & Tuesday apetslifemagazine.com 23