a pet's life magazine SUMMER 2020 - Page 22

COMPASSION Graceful Departure Pet Center Eco -Friendly Pet Cremation By Dr. Kristi Freeman Whether you desire to receive your beloved pet’s ashes, respectfully scatter the ashes, or just want us to gently remove your pet’s body, we can help. Here at Graceful Departure Pet Center, we know how heart-wrenching it can be to face losing a member of the family, especially when it is a beloved pet. The bond we form can be very deep. Our aim is to make that journey the least painful and as smooth as possible for both the pet and its people. Dr. Kristi Freeman is highly recommended and respected in the veterinary community. She was also the first to start in home euthanasia. Not only is Graceful Departure, the Nation’s 1st Fear-Free End of Life Clinic, but we offer San Diego’s first eco-friendly alternative to flame based cremation called Alkaline Hydrolysis (AH), also known as Aquamation. What is Aquamation? • Aquamation is a water based cremation vs. traditional flame based cremation. • Over 90% of energy is saved when compared to flame based cremation. • No burning of fossil fuels. • You get 20% more ashes back. 22 apetslifemagazine.com | SPRING 2020 • Ashes are a powder consistency and can range in color from white to tan.