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,ilii.,fl"i; HFX Systems installed this state of the art, customdesigned home theatre system using superior quality Marantz source equipment. The company put an emphasis on the aesthetic appearance of cabling throughout, supplying modifi ed light switch covers which ensure that the speaker cables are neat and attractive, blending in with the interior of the home. i:ii:f"{llrr.;: Plush leather couches make a bold statement of sophistication as they are set against the backdrop of flowing curtains and colourful artworks. llfllrf i'il,!l: The baby room in the home is a magical wonderland which follows a theme of teddy bears, which are put on display, in all shapes and sizes. HFX SYS|EN/S 012 991 4435 magical patterns being formed on the walls throughoutthe day. A left turn from the entrance area leads you down an arched passageway to a warm and cosy kitchen, adorned with Cherrywood cupboards, Modern touches along with several interesting surlaces and finishes combine to achieve this classical yet practical look, Furlher into this private domain of the home is the elegant dining room which opens out onto a patio overlooking the swimming pool. The dining room follows traditional sophistication with a suede dining room suit gently fused with a modern minimalist feel. The laminated wooden floors warm up the space, while a backdrop of breathtaking views of the outside area creates a romantic ambience for intimate dinner parties. A right turn from the entrance area ieads you to the rest of the living areas, The formai sitting room, wlth its bold leather couches, is located behind closed doors, alluding to privacy, while the family room is a short distance away, opening up onto the patio, This room encompasses a classical look with a modern twist as the beautifully decorated interiors capture and accentuate the prevalent ambience. The house has five bedrooms, one of which has been turned into a fully equipped state-of-the-a ft gymnasium. Three of the other bedrooms are situated on the upper level of the home, while the guest bedroom - on the lower level of the home - gives guesG ample opporlunity to interact, but at the same time the ability to enjoy maximum privacy, The upper level of the home follows a square formation as the passageway opens up to a balcony which overlooks the lovely entrance hall, There