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--e4qssffi'Fts-€,#ee* FRANCO 5 N/YNHARDI CIV|L 012 FRANCOiS MYNHARDT C V t 012 8A9 8A9 2137 2137 Ftf?l{}ljll Ltfr*r Specialists Unique Steel Designs incorporated metal, glass and warm wood to create this celestial chandelier and flowing balustrade. The use of antique gold and black coating and special paint techniques were used sparingly so as not to overshadow the radiant interiors of the home. An artists blend of creativity and ingenuity resulted in this inspiring ensemble which highlights this area of the home adding another dimension to the soft hues ofthe porcelain tiles. Ji.riii:li:r Francois Mynhardt Civil is the mastermind behind the creatlon of this glorious home which marks the African skies as an imposing structure. The company was involved in every aspect of the development of the home, from assisting the architect with the initial plans, through to project management, building of the swimming pool, landscaping and irrigation. Francois Mynhardt Civil ensured that only materials of the highest quality were used and focused on implementing a subtle colour scheme which gives the home an elegant, timeless look. i-lllirl; Qffgp;nt a complete turnkey service to the home owner, from architectural planning to construction and development, Francois Mynhardt Civil was behind the creation of this magnificent home. ln this stature the home is an awe inspiring masterpiece, as different surfaces and innovative architecture immediately capture you on approaching the house. not only added value and personality to this breathtaking home, but they have also added love. After living in the home for only turo months, this house now possesses a style of decor which is comforlable and relaxed, with an emphasis on understated elegance. In achieving this fabulous classical look, the home owner was inspired by her love of beautiful fabrics and the latest floral ranges from various leading fabric stores such as Home Fabrics, Chelsea Harbour and Osiers. These elements were so impressive that she decided to re-upholster her furniture and change the cuftains for the new home, Mostly neutral colours were used, all of which were generously fused with HE CURRENT HOME owners have Ilorrn Or'r nov,zdec 2004 SA E8 rln