A Little Book Of Sighs The Dock Summer Commissions 2020 - Page 4

Over the last few months , I found that I sighed a lot to myself , maybe to express my frustration or keep myself company . I find sighs are good substitute when words fail you and the right neologism has not surfaced . I thought a lot about my repeated sighing , and what would happen if a sigh got caught and never left the body , just moving inside us like the passage of a shadow or the pressure of gas .
To stop myself thinking about this too much , I decided to draw to make some sort of order to my feeling , like abstract sonic diagrams , or portraits of an internal tension .
I collaborated with Irish singer Elizabeth Hilliard to sing each of the drawings . Through her voice Elizabeth renders the images alive with a vocal force that releases the image off the page , so it becomes a visual and sonic journey into spaces where words cannot be found .
Louise Manifold 2020