A Guide To Cricket Cricket Guide

LCC presents “A short guide to Understanding Cricket for a baseball fan” As a Cricket fan likes to believe, if you like watching baseball, you are going to love watching Cricket. If you are from the US, Cricket shares a very special piece of trivia with this land of sports lovers. The first international match of Cricket was between *USA* and Canada, well “ British Empire's Canadian Province” to be specific. This was back in 1844. And this is corroborated by the most trusted source on the internet, something that parents refer to answer questions from their Children, the Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_cricket_team_in_the_United_States_in_1844 Now that we have removed any mental block, let’s get to the fun part. A Cricket game by and large falls into two categories: 1. Time Limited 2. Overs (number of pitches) limited. Arguably, #1 I the purest form of Cricket and something that really tests your ability at multiple levels, physically and mentally. The most respected form of this category is called, “Test Cricket”. It goes on for 5 days. There was a time when it would not have a time limit. Imagine the frustration of wives waiting on their husbands to help out with errands. We will focus on #2 as that is what you are most likely to encounter on the Cricket grounds near you or on television. Objective: Score more runs that your opponents, just like baseball Playing area: A circular or circle like outfield that has a rectangular playing area in the middle.