A Completely Guide to Yeast Extract_20210611165858 - Page 8

Hiyeast is an expert of yeast extract
Process resistant ingredients ( acid , heat , and freeze ), from oven , cooking
to the canning process .
Animal-free ingredients , suitable for vegan and vegetarian products
� Non-GMO ingredients as the selected strains are non-genetically
modified organisms
� Halal and Kosher certified ingredients
Gluten-free for several Baker ’ s yeast extracts , as no gluten derivative is
used during the process .

Hiyeast is an expert of yeast extract


Hiyeast is a producer and supplier of natural ingredients . Having a strong R & D
team and a deep knowledge of fermentation technology , we design and produce
goods that bring unique solutions for our customers in the food industry , health
care , and animal feed .
Our expertise in yeast extracts applications and experience in sensory product
evaluation will support you in creative recipe design and formulation challenges .