THE ULTIMATE STRATEGIC BUSINESS COMPETITION 2015 TH IS YE AR WIT H HOW TO PLAY REGISTER YOUR TEAM BRANDSTORM.LOREAL.COM FIRST MISSION PRE CASE PREPARATION CAMPUS FINALS BRIEFING DAY WITH L’ORÉAL EXECUTIVE SECOND MISSION CASE STUDY PREPARATION NATIONAL FINALS INTERNATIONAL FINALS IN PARIS, FRANCE DON’T MISS OUT ON IT! PRIZES FOR THE BEST 3 TEAMS, A VOUCHER FOR A TEAM TRIP TO THE DESTINATION OF THEIR CHOICE: 10 000€ 5 000€ 2 500€ FOR THE WINNING TEAM THE CHALLENGE THIS YEAR Put yourself in the shoes of an international marketing director for Travel Retail and imagine a new retail experience for the brand Lancôme to attract new customers! FIRST MISSION Considering the global shopper perspective, analyze the market, the channel and the brand, and define what are the opportunities for the Lancôme brand in the Travel Retail channel . SECOND MISSION Imagine a new and unforgettable retail experience for Lancôme’s Travel Retail shops to attract and loyalize new customers. BRANDSTORM FIGURES 70,000+ CONTESTANTS IN 22 YEARS 45 FOR THE SECOND PLACE FOR THE THIRD TEAM A REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE tion a c i l App line: Dead of 22nd mber Dece COUNTRIES OVER 13,000 PLAYERS IN 2014 360+ COMPETE AGAINST WORK IN A TEAM INTERNATIONAL GET SPOTTED WITH A GAIN HANDS TEAMS IN BY L’ORÉAL ON PROFESSIONAL CREATIVE PARIS EXECUTIVES AGENCY EXPERIENCE CAMPUSES facebook.com/ lorealbrandstormofficial twitter.com/ bstormofficial instagram.com/ brandstorm_official