Yawp Mag Issue 3 - Page 13

The Difficult Second Article Beau Fitzpatrick ‘The main thing is that it’s about music and that it’s a statement about contemporary music. That’s what the first show was all about and this show is building off that, only more... angry’. Al’s music rant was a bit of a cult phenomenon in the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Those who found it just laying there in an alley way off China town at Eurotrash felt that they’d stumbled onto a little gem. Word of mouth spread fast. Established comedians would quib, ‘Al who?’ whilst punters were lining up night after night to what turned out to be a sold out season in this budding comedian’s debut solo performance. This year, ‘Al’s music rant: The difficult second album’ is making an appearance in MICF2012. With an extensive sketch comedy background, performing in two of the Melbourne University Law Revues and even having a stint at directing it in 2008, Al’s fourth appearance in the Comedy Festival makes him old hat in this game. But Al seems to have found his voice so soon in his comedy career. It takes a long time for comedians to get comfortable in their own skin up there on the stage. However, Al, from very early on in the piece, seeked to establish himself as the music guy. That’s not to be confused with a musical comedian, which he is too... But a comedian who commentates on music and the music industry. That is the essence of Al’s Music Rant: The Diffi [Xۙ[[KXH]H]\H\][\X\\[\YX\YYH\][XۛY[]]X\Y\^X][ۜH\[ˈ8&]8&\H]X]]HXۙx&[H][ۋ[]H\\H\[XZ\]Y[Y[[[[HX\H[\]YY[OY]8&\[Z[\^H\[H[Z[ 8'\\\ZH\\x'H]YHHY][]܈Y\[ ^HX^H^K8'XX]\[[ZH\\'K]8&\HK[[YY[H[[YY[H۸&][ˈ]8&\H[YH[]\Xˈ]8&\]HH\[YY8&KY[x&\HH]\X[\HݙH܈YYH[\۸&]Z[[Hܛ8&\X\]\][\[ۈHYYH\][YH\[[[Y\[ZX\Y[H\H\H[X]]Z[XK[8&\]\X[HYX[ [[H\[[H L H \[ Y\^H H]\^H M\H [^H NM\HY\[ HH]]HۜYۈ XܚXH\ۋ˞[]XKK]ݏT^]L˞[]XKK]ݏ]̜NPZQՋQH˞[]XKK]ݏQR^؎KQH˞[]XKK]ݏ\^UMB