VISION Issue 5 | Page 8

8 Vision Magazine Right Glass dissolves structure to create a secure, highly transparent exhibition wall. Michael O’Sullivan of the Vibe Design Group speaks with Vision editor Peter Hyatt about his firm’s work in re-building a derelict mansion into a modern day classic. A hefty budget was never going to get this over the line or guarantee great results. Sadly that’s true. There isn’t much that pulls you up as you drive around the streets of Melbourne – and I’m not saying this was our intention here. An enormous budget is not a ticket to success. It can work against you. IT’S A JOURNEY OF OVERALL IMPRESSION FROM START TO FINISH; FROM BIG PICTURE FIRST IMPRESSIONS, RIGHT THROUGH TO THE BACK OF HOUSE AND EVERYTHING IN-BETWEEN THAT CAPTURES DAYLIGHT AND VIEWS. Michael O’Sullivan Vibe Design Group Delivering a house of real cohesion is a tough ask when you have to keep so much of the original ‘wreck’. It’s really putting the elements together with design longevity in mind and be ing critical of the result you propose. The artistic value of any project can’t be underestimated. It’s a journey of overall impression from start to finish; from big picture first impressions, right through to the back of house and everything in between that captures daylight and views.