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“PLAYER, ENVIRONMENT, GAME” CHALLENGE CARDS Bringing the Great Britain Hockey Talent Development Framework to life. To challenge you and players by inspiring your practices and enhancing players’ hockey! The PEG Challenge Cards are a tool to help you create rich learning environments, build autonomy, be imaginative and spice up your sessions. Over 60 cards that can be used one at a time or in twos or threes • The PLAYER cards help you explore and support the key personal player qualities they possess and is at the heart of their DNA. • The ENVIRONMENT cards offer tasks and questions that enhance the learning environment. • The GAME cards will give you great ideas to enhance the hockey being played in your session. Have fun and over to you! Video - https://englandhockey-my. sharepoint.com/:v:/g/personal/ peter_crook_englandhockey_co_uk/ Booking Links England CHILDREN CLUB TALENT 56 Scotland Wales