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HOCKEY HUB FREE one-stop shop, packed full of useful hockey resources. Whether you coach beginners, work with young, talented players or coach at a one team senior club, there is relevant content available to suit your needs. Gain insight from senior coaches and players, whilst learning how you can apply the Golden Thread to your coaching sessions. Watch videos of examples and see how you can CHANGE IT to suit the players you coach. New content added regularly. Embed Warm Up Video DOMES AND DISHES > Split into two teams wearing different colours. > There are lots of cones in the area; some turned up so they look like dishes and some turned down so they are domes. One team’s job is to turn the cones to dishes and the other is to turn them domes. > If you have lots of players consider setting up another area. CHILDREN CLUB TALENT EQUIPMENT: > Encourage different movements within the game to help the players warm up, for example: skipping rather than running and lunging when they pick up a cone. > The game should be played in short bursts of 30 seconds, offering plenty of recovery time. > The team with the most amount of cones their way round is the winner, repeat and see if the teams can beat their score. Bibs | Cones LEARNING OUTCOME: Warm Up Click here to register for free and access lots of online resources to support you and your coaches. 55