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of each training session, rather than an aspect of the session just played at the end. This allows players to develop skills, ‘game sense’, and an understanding of the rules and tactics to play really good hockey. However, we’re not delivering game-like activities for game’s sake. Alongside practice design, to deliver an engaging learning environment a coach needs to also consider the following elements: • B  e aware of who they are, what they represent and the impact they have on others. • C  reate effective and sustainable relationships with others in order to meet learning environment goals. • T  ake responsibility in driving a culture that meets the needs and reflects the behaviours of a successful learning environment. • Have a sound knowledge of the sport that allows the coach to maximise the learning environment. The more inspirational our coaches can be, the more befitting our environments can be, the more progressive we can be, and the more we will achieve for our sport. Fun! Constant decision making For more information and support on how to embed the Golden Thread into your coaching, check out the Practice Design Workshop. GOLDEN THREAD Looks something like the game Lots of touches of the ball Stretch Golden Thread 31