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Coaching Talent – How to deliver great experiences For many generations, coaching within hockey has separated out what we see or ‘reading the game’ (perception) from technique (action) and the ever-changing and variable context in which it occurs (the game). The most common presentation of this is in closed skill, drill-based exercises focusing on discrete skills. However, in highly interactive, invasion games like hockey, research* is now unequivocal in supporting a contextually appropriate learning environment where perception and action are coupled. 30 The ‘Golden Thread’ is offered as a guide to help coaches design effective practices within their learning environment. Whilst the Golden Thread is a guide, there are a number of elements that are important for coaches to create effective learning environments. Key aspects of developing highly skilled players are motivational climate, questioning and practice design, which is through the more fun, decison-rich activities that are representative of the game, and less repetitive drills. Games or game-like activity should be an essential focus * Great  Britain Hockey working in partnership with England Hockey, Hockey Wales and Scottish Hockey  For an introduction see Chow, J. Y., Davids, K., Button, C. and Renshaw, I. (2015) Non-linear Pedagogy in Skill Acquisition: An Introduction. Abingdon: Routledge.