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Fast: • Player is able to demonstrate the necessary speed of body and/or mind to compete in a fast dynamic game. Motivated and Driven: • Player is clear on what they want to do, how to do it, and is prepared to do what it takes. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally Durable: • Player is able to regularly perform over time, in training and competition, when needed, without injury. Able to Cope with Pressure: • Player is able to demonstrate a range of mental qualities and techniques consistent with elite performance at the required moment. Physically Literate: • Player is able to demonstrate the basic fundamental physical movement skills to be able to perform increasingly complex hockey-specific skills. Self-Aware Learners: • Player is able to demonstrate good self-awareness, realistically reflect on own performance, engage in purposeful practice, and access appropriate support from others. Intelligent Trainers: • Player can effectively adapt, manage and optimise physical preparation and recovery to meet specific performance needs when away from the Great Britain/ HC environment. Able to Work with Others: • Player is able to communicate effectively, relate to others and demonstrate appropriate leadership. Self-Managers: • Player is able to demonstrate resourcefulness in managing time and tasks, and in balancing hockey life and home life. ADVICE TO COACHES – These qualities are not intended as talent identification or selection criteria, but as learning focuses to inform the practices you design, how you behave and the developmental environments you endeavour to create. 29