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Regardless of age or stage, the purpose of the talent pathway is to support the development of players who are: HIGHLY SKILLED AND CREATIVE Players who can execute highly adaptable skills and tactical understanding under pressure. WHAT IT TAKES TO WIN ATTITUDE Players that consistently thrive and look to develop themselves and teammates. EFFECTIVE DECISION MAKERS Players who implicitly understand the game and link these to the skills required to deliver performance. SELF-ORGANISING Players that transfer best practice based on tactical and experiential knowledge and can adapt in order to perform. FAST AND ROBUST Players who are consistently available and motivated for long-term training, and ready for the technical, tactical, physiological, psychological, social and emotional demands of international hockey. A key guiding question to help players’ development is: Based on the player(s) needs and his/her/their age and stage, to move towards the ‘End in Mind’, what does your player(s) need, in relation to: 1. Their Individual qualities 2. The Environment 3. And/or the Game? 27