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PASS TO WIN > Set out a number of coloured gates inside the playing area. > Divide players into pairs – this game can cater for a larger number of players. > To score a point players have to pass the ball through a gate to the other player in their pair. > Once players have scored in one gate they then have to score in another gate before they come back to this one (players will find this as a loop hole if you don’t include the rule from the start). PITCH: 15m x 15m > Play for a set period of time, can either of the teams of the pairs beat their score? > You could add in a ‘golden gate’ somewhere on the pitch which is worth more points or give the game a theme e.g. a shopping trip, link cones to healthy food, e.g. blue cones are blueberries, red are strawberries. > Change the game by splitting players into teams, players have to try and pass to their team as well as stealing balls from the opposition PLAYERS: Minimum 8 EQUIPMENT: Sticks | Balls | Bibs | Cones | Throw down lines LEARNING OUTCOME: Moving The Ball Pass to win For more information and support on how to embed the Development Themes into your coaching, check out the What to Coach Workshops or the Hockey Hub. 11