9 Minutes of Knowledge - Issue 4 - Vibration Analysis November 2022 - Page 6




Airius wireless vibration sensor
The Airius ® wireless vibration sensor is ideal for remote condition monitoring of standard production equipment . Providing warning of vibration-related problems as well as gear and bearing faults , Airius is ideal for remote condition monitoring of standard production equipment such as pumps and fans . Remote or inaccessible machines and equipment placed in hostile or risky environments are other suitable targets . LEARN MORE >
Motion Magnification Software - DragonVision
DragonVision is a software that allows you to use Motion Magnification tools to enhance the vibration in ways the human eye cannot see . Motion Magnification of the data will save time , and reveal the system low frequency as well as any phase problems in a clear animation . Bring the benefits of ODS analysis to real life , without the need of complex 3D CAD models . LEARN MORE >
New SM series accelerometers
Wilcoxon ’ s new SM series of integral-cable , side-mount vibration sensors are budget friendly and designed for ease of installation , even in hard-to-reach spaces . The IP68-rated SM102 is ideal for submerged applications . The SM103 , with armored integral cable and an IP67 rating , is rugged enough to withstand wet and aggressive environments . Both sensors can pivot on their mounting base during installation to allow 360 ° sensor orientation . LEARN MORE >
The Iris CM is the latest innovation in video-based asset condition monitoring . With the Iris CM , Motion Amplification ® is a flexible and scalable solution that continuously monitors your equipment while you are away . This tool connects traditional vibration inputs and RDI ’ s patented video-based vibration measurements to ensure you never miss anything in your facility . Numerous cameras can be networked to capture simultaneous data and offer multiple views of a process , test , or piece of machinery . LEARN MORE >