9 Minutes of Knowledge - Issue 4 - Vibration Analysis November 2022 | Page 4




Dr . M . David Howard
CEO Erbessed Instruments
QUICK FACTS n Veteran of the United States Air Force
n Avid CrossFit ® athlete and CF-L1 Trainer
n Native of South Glens Falls , New York
n Graduate of Excelsior College , Capella University , and Charter University
n David has degrees in Electro-Mechanical Engineering , Leadership & Organizational Management , along with Engineering Management
What are the primary applications of the Phantom , WiSER3x and DragonVision software ? How do they complement each other as a full suite of machine health solutions ?
Mastering your machine health requires more than one tool . As reliability professionals we all know that it takes the right tool for the job . There is no one silver bullet in machine health management . As an example , one wouldn ’ t use a laser alignment system to resolve an imbalance issue . Within our portfolio we have worked with our customers to develop solutions that address the vast majority of machine health management issues . The Phantom series of wireless machine health monitoring sensors was designed to offer a wireless machine health monitoring solution for far more than just vibration and temperature measurement . Phantom includes sensors for monitoring nearly all machine health and process variables . Whether you need to measure energy consumption , lubricant quality , vibration , temperature , pressure , flow , or thermographic images Phantom takes online monitoring to a whole new level … and its wireless and secure . WiSER 3X is our wireless portable route and off-route based data collector . When paired with your mobile device , or tablet WiSER 3X eliminates the wires and is 25-40 % faster than competitive triaxial vibration data collectors . WiSER 3X is also a multipurpose tool … it can be used for balancing , and as a NIST traceable calibration reference for our award winning DragonVision Video Deflection Analysis Software . DragonVision gives our customers the ability to use any camera to create motion magnification and video vibration analysis models . As you can see the series of products we design , manufacture , and distribute are useful alone , but when combined they offer a fully integrated asset health monitoring and management ecosystem .
How does DragonVision work and what sets it apart in the industry ?
DragonVision is uniquely different than any other competitor ’ s product because it allows the user to use any camera … even your cell phone . In fact , using an iPhone recording at 240fps can identify and amplify most common machine faults including but not limited to imbalance , misalignment , looseness , resonance , and soft foot . DragonVision also uses a NIST traceable calibration reference accelerometer . This is a unique feature that absolutely sets DragonVision apart from competitive systems . We decided to use a NIST traceable accelerometer calibration method because our customers demand accuracy , repeatability , and reliability . While focal distance calibration is good , it is primarily a displacement only calibration method , whereas there is no arguing with the accuracy , repeatability , or reliability of NIST traceable accelerometer usage for calibration … we have been doing this with traditional ODS models in our DigivibeMX software for decades .
How do these solutions integrate securely into analyzing software ?
The three products integrate seamlessly into our DigivibeMX Windows Analytical Software Suite , as well as our www . eianalytic . com early warning and fault detection system which is ISO : 27001 certified , and FIPS 140-2 certified . These two certifications are the gold standard for customer data security within the industry … they are equivalent to HIPPA for machine health . This integration gives the power of all the tools to the reliability professional at their desk , on-the-road , and in the palm of their hand using our WiSER Vibe Pro Mobile Application .
WHAT DAVID RECOMMENDS MOST n Six-Sigma Black Belt & Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional