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54 Serangoon North Avenue 4

#06-01 Cyberhub North, Singapore 555854

TEL: (65) 6876 5888

EMAIL: sales@terra-systems.com

website: www.terra.systems

Terra Systems Pte Ltd


Incorporated in 2003, Roy Toh found Terra Systems Pte Ltd, an IT System Integration company. The company shall provide IT solutions to corporate clients. However, his initial startup could not sustain due to lack of reputation and funds, Roy has to take a break from his business and returned back to his work life to gain more experience and to create his own client network base.

After several years of working, Roy restarted the business in 2010 with his accumulated savings and expanded business network. As Terra’s business grew locally in Singapore, he began to expand his business overseas using his business network acquired during his global work stint. As a result, Terra managed to close IT projects in many countries including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Hong Kong. Today Terra operates from many major cities in Asia including Malaysia and China.

To accelerate business growth, Roy identified 2 main areas of improvement: Innovation and Quality of Services. In Innovation, Roy set up software application teams to design and develop B2B applications to business clients. One of his achievements was awarded by IDA Singapore to create the first integrated cloud POS application for local business in 2012. Besides that, Terra also develop and provide Human Resource Management (HRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point-Of-Sales (POS) Systems for corporate clients.

In improving Quality of Services, Terra supply outsource call center services to businesses and to government agencies. Today Terra run a 24x7 call center supporting many local and overseas businesses, that can handle about 10,000 calls in a single day. Terra also expanded its call center services to include social media contact services and business analytics consulting services.

His future plan will be registering Intellectual Property for his HRM systems, ERP, CRM and POS Systems, selling to local and overseas corporate clients as off-the-shelf solutions. Roy hopes he can continue to modify and enhance these applications so that his customers can benefit from it. Terra is also attaining ISO9001 certification to strengthen its quality of services.