80 ASIA'S TOP ACHIEVERS Jun 2016 - Page 33

Ms. Yek Ai Wei of LW Roasted Meat Pte Ltd took over the business in 2010 when she was in the line of frozen food storage.

It was sorely obvious to Ms. Yek that the previous business model was too narrow and would not survive the competition so she expanded her services beyond waxed and roasted meats. LW Roasted Meat Pte Ltd became a one-stop shop for Hungry Ghost Festival supplies, and it also provides post-sale butchering services. Coupled with a more comprehensive list of services, Ms. Yek and her team also strive to ensure the quality of meats and post-sale services, instead of taking to price reduction. Feedback, complaint or compliment, is taken very seriously as the team believes it is instrumental in improving operations.

Besides retaining traditional culinary methods, LW Roasted Meat has also gone online to allow ordering and purchase on the internet, beating the limitations of opening hours and phone line operation.

Despite a lack of manpower, challenges in transportation, and the tiring nature of the food manufacturing industry, Ms. Yek persists on, keeping in mind the company values of being true to tradition and pursuing business innovation. Her motivation comes from the desire to preserve the heritage of Chinese waxed and roasted meats. She hopes today’s youth sees that such tedious culinary methods as waxing, curing, and roasting meats are precious to heritage and should be imparted from one generation to the next.

Regarding expansion, equipped with the new technology that helps maintain the freshness of the meats, Ms. Yek plans to venture into markets abroad. LW Roasted Meat Pte Ltd also supports the underprivileged elderly and old folks’ homes in cash and kind in their attempt to better society as an enterprise.

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