80 ASIA'S TOP ACHIEVERS Jun 2016 - Page 31

It may look like a normal day occupied with tasks at his workplace, but this budding son of the Wang family, 2nd generation took the helm and learn from his father on how to knead a piece of delicious “hargao” as English saying prawn dumpling. KiomKee Pte Ltd has over 30 years of establishment in Singapore manufacturing a system of various kinds of dim sum delicacies for restaurants, hotels, airlines, country clubs and catering services.

The brand is established and the uniquely Asian love for dim sum is clearly not lost till today. Dim Sum remains popular and is one of the favorite dishes among Singaporeans. The company proffers a good balance of preservative-free and fresh food packages. KiomKee Pte Ltd delivers fresh and quality products on a timely basis to ensure freshness from the time of packaging to delivery. The use of semi-automated technologies to produce each dumpling process has doubled the initial stage of making to finishing at end products.

The manufacturing factory located at Enterprise Centre continues to serve new varieties to meet client expectation who wants to try new foodstuffs each time while supporting the loyalty of the brand. Currently having more than 40 members in strength, Mr Winston Wang hopes to go digital in this era by setting online business and home delivery services as well.

Restaurants and hotels benefit premium quality dim sum has put good words on them that build reputation and achieve the highest recognition from its consumers.

KiomKee Pte Ltd never compromise on its quality standards to produce their foodstuffs when meeting its demand. The company prioritizes on customer services at the forefront by providing contact centre at retail hours. In the near future, Winston is implementing the possibility to expand business overseas.

More than just delivering a service



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