80 ASIA'S TOP ACHIEVERS Jun 2016 | Page 11


A Healthy Company is a Winning Company!

Focused on uncovering Singapore’s next shining entrepreneur star through unrelenting encouragement, you have, whilst constantly equipping, as well as strengthening, leaders of different races, cultures, languages, religions, and industries. Talents who have their foundations deeply seated in Singapore, yet their gaze peering at the rest of the world, establishing themselves as pionners and influencing everyone in their wake.

I had the pleasure of conversing with political, as well as business leaders to share their experiences, as well as educating me on leadership skills and techniques. With this exchange, successful leaders learn how to scale to greater heights, to become even remarkable than before. On behalf of my husband, and myself, I am deeply honored, and will cherish this life experience.

As a news presenter, I have interviews numerous warriors both within and out of the nation. I found that of distinguished institutions, bosses, employees, and a company structure exude a healthy, cordial atmosphere. Thereby my view on leadership is: “For continued success, health of the company must take precedence.” When leaders place the social, physical and mental health above all, not only do they reduce mampower inefficiencies, but also improve results. strengthening management positions, increases trust from employees, boosts morale,

and promote harmony as they race towards their goals.

Stay relentless in this battle, never surrender!

By correctly grasping this concept of a healthy company, even if it is a silent struggle, with time it will catch on, and followed.

I pray that all of us will stay healthy, keep our heads high, and continue to be the winners of our businesses and lives!