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Established in 2010, Siang Ge Pte Ltd is located along Jalan Kayu, and easily accessible by public transportation. We offer freshly prepared bakkwa (barbecued pork) for family gatherings, company functions and any other special occasions. Thin-sliced, soft and tender – a traditional local delicacy enjoyed by the young and old alike. Our bakkwa is vacuum sealed in packages of 500g and 1kg, to ensure maximum taste and freshness.

At Siang Ge Pte Ltd, our products are specially prepared according to our own unique recipe, promising you originality and satisfaction even till the very last bite. The mouthwatering bakkwa is barbecued and sold daily with full quality meat obtained from Brazil, by our skilled and qualified head chef who boasts over twenty years of experience in this industry.

Because at Siang Ge Pte Ltd, we believe in providing an unforgettable gourmet experience, we trust that you will believe in us too.

Business hours :

Daily 9am to 10pm

Our Location :

275 Jalan Kayu

Singapore 799503

Tel : (65) 6483 3368

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