80 ASIA'S TOP ACHIEVERS Jun 2016 | Page 43

This is a rise and fall industry. If you hardly maintain profitable to thrive, you have to create another avenue enough to earn a living out of it. Her business revolves cut and blow and all sort of hair treatments available at retail shop located along Clementi Avenue. It is very basic and attracts young and old at all ages into the shop opens everyday operating at retail hours. Nicole Chong founder of the Tip Point Hair Studio is capable of performing creative hair cut, hair dye and highlights on customers who yearns to transform personal image into something new and trendy.

For years, she is finally able to open her own salon and having late Mr Philip Point, a Malaysian trainer and Asia Director as her inspiration. Through referrals, the business grew with many customers visiting the shop each day. To lure and retain her pool of customers, Nicole and her partner Isaac brainstorm interesting ideas to offer packages to increase revenue for the business. Nicole also learned to use social media such as Facebook and Groupon which are popular in the new digital age and understand what is needed to create platform for her marketing plans.

In the near future, she hopes to offer well-rounded services such as makeup and facial to extend to the customer loyalty for supporting her. Technologies shouldn’t be neglect when it comes to serving customers who are willing to try new styles. Nicole thinks that hair cut and styling is an art interlinked with technology has provided new tools of expression. It is a fundamental force in the island where people are so entice about it.

From trainee to a businesswoman

354 CLEMENTI AVENUE 2, #01-233, SINGAPORE 120354

TEL: (65) 6779 6948

EMAIL: [email protected]