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The Ecumenical Jury Celebrates its 40th Anniversary ! From 1968 to 1974, two different Christian juries are present at the Cannes Festival. They know each other, give their prizes together during a common ceremony, and have very similar criteria. As a wind of ecumenism blows in France, they decide, in agreement with festival President Robert FABRE LEBRET, to create an Ecumenical Jury in 1974. The first award ceremony is held at the Carlton Hotel, in the studios of Radio Télé Luxembourg. A great journey had begun. It continued and flourished under the presidency of Pierre VIOT and Gilles JACOB, thanks to the work of the Jury coordinators until the 2000s, Robert MOLHANT and Maurice TERRAIL. The Ecumenical Jury is composed by 6 jurors, renewed each year and nominated by SIGNIS (formerly OCIC), the World Catholic Association for Communication and INTERFILM, the International Interchurch Film Organization. These jurors coming from different countries and cultures are dedicated Christians working in cinema as journalists, theologians, teachers… The Jury is completely independent in his choices. In 40 years, they have awarded 42 Prizes and 51 Commendations to films from 33 countries. The Ecumenical Jury has a particular perspective on the films. It honours works of artistic quality and of human and Christian values which touch the spiritual dimension of our existence. Beyond the words and images, the Jury offers an encounter, a step in the direction of the other: a neighbour or an unknown stranger, a human being with his joys, wounds and hopes. Sometimes the Jury surprises, disturbs or questions our certainties, prejudices, faith or engagement, but it always calls for openness to cultural, social or religious diversity. The Ecumenical Jury coordinators, Jos HOREMANS SIGNIS International Representative for Cinema Pasteur Denyse MULLER Vice-President of INTERFILM President of INTERFILM France