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Dubuque Farmers ’ Market Prepared Foods

By Bryce Parks
Summer is basically here , and that means Dubuque Farmers ’ Market time ! There is no better place to access unique and creative prepared foods in town that you just won ’ t find anywhere else in one place . So why not take a lap of the market with us and sample the cooked prepared foods available every Saturday May through October … assuming they don ’ t sell out before you get there .
And we ’ re not even getting into the baked goods and treats that are available , which you could just as easily graze on while you walk around . Millwork Bakery hand pies should be a food group
unto themselves . But we ’ re sticking to the “ hot ” stuff this time around .
While we miss The Food Store ’ s longtime leadership in the world of Farmers ’ Market cooking , and we still have dreams about East Mill Bakery ’ s homemade english muffin sandwiches ( R . I . P .), thankfully there are a number of great new options to step in and fill the void … in your belly !
Note also that not all vendors are at market every week , so come down with more than one option in mind , as many things here will make your breakfast dreams come true .
Dubuque Farmers ’ Market is located in the Upper Main District around City Hall since 1858 . Expanding over three city blocks on Iowa Street , it now extends down 11 th , 12 th , and 13 th Streets .
Let ’ s eat !
Adobos Mexican Grill adobosmexicangrill . com You can tell by the size of the line that the breakfast burritos that Jaime Salazar cranks out of the Adobos food truck at market are anything but a secret . Filled with sautéed potatoes , eggs , a choice of meats including bacon , sausage or chorizo plus tomatoes , bell peppers , onions , queso , salsa or Adobos ’ s El Diablo sauce , this is everything your body needs in a foil wrapper . Keep it mellow
or make it spicy , as you desire . Worth the wait and the $ 10 price tag , the breakfast burrito is good for eating and walking around . You can also get a bowl version to make it gluten free . Adobos ’ food truck is all over town all week , but you ’ ll only get a breakfast version on the truck at Dubuque Farmers ’ Market and on Saturday mornings in the restaurant November through April .
West Dubuque Tap Magic Mobile
facebook . com / burgerandfrieguys When West Dubuque ’ s Tap ’ s famous Magic Muffin showed up at market in 2016 , it was an instant crowd favorite . But there ’ s no fancy wizardry behind the pile of love , except for the smile on your face . It ’ s a simple pile of hash browns , fried eggs , sausage patties , and cheese all “ technically ” loaded onto an English muffin . But you ain ’ t picking this thing up and eating it . You need a fork . So we suggest you pull up some curb , sit down , and dive in . You can ’ t miss the tie-dyed Magic Mobile when you see it !
The Crepe Iron facebook . com / CrepeIron A crepe ( or crêpe ) is a French pancake made of a thin batter containing flour , eggs , melted butter , salt , milk , water , and , if the crepes are to be served with a sweet sauce or garnish , sugar . Crepes can be filled with a variety of sweet or savory mixtures . The Crepe Iron generally features four crepe recipes each
day , with two being staples , the classic strawberry , banana , Nutella sweet crepe , and then for morning events they do the basic ham , egg and cheese , and maybe jazz it up with some appropriate veggies . And then they always do one more sweet and one more savory . Those will generally be featured for a full week . Gluten free available , and amazing coffee from Devour Cafe as well . Crepes are less than $ 10 , and they ’ re pretty easy to eat while walking around the market !
Sun Rice
Tinesh and Samantha Jahagee are new at market this year with Sun Rice . They feature warm fried rice and chilled rice bowls . We had the fried rice with carrots , onion , and scallions that ’ s made with oyster sauce for the distinctive fried rice flavor . And , naturally , we added bacon because , duh . It ’ s simple and tasty . Not spicy or complex . Call it a morning comfort food .
Shugga ’ s Soul Cafe
Okay , so Shugga ’ s is a real restaurant indoors along the street of the market , but you ’ d better not overlook the legit soul food that Snoflake Naylor and her crew are whipping up . From the best fried catfish we ever had to mac and cheese that will put you directly in nap mode , collard greens that are every bit the real deal , sweet potato pie that really is basically dessert , and more features that rotate , including awesome breakfast fare
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