2nd Chance International Women of Distinction Magazine Final Magazine PDF | Page 2

Vision Mission Our mission is to use a unique globally respected award and recognition platform, the power of the internet, as well as print media (such as periodical publications and newsletters) to bring attention to all issues that affect women and young girls worldwide. To expose issues and highlight successes of women in areas of business, family, sexuality, faith, religion, politics, health, law, and philanthropy, etc.; irrespective of national origin, religious affiliation, political affiliations, nationality, creed, belief, world view, or socio-economic Our vision is to inform the world of all areas in society that affect the existence and survival of women and girls. To create a platform not only to identify critical issues, but to also provide resolution through actions, advocacy, awareness, intervention, and dialogue. To sustain a platform that elevates women and spread awareness about issues that affect them. To shine Light on the efforts, gifts, passions, and resources individual women and women lead organizations are using to improve the lives of their fellow man. Objectives To ensure that our message is presented on a global media platform that will allow the voices of all women to be heard regardless of how geographically or politically remote those voices are. To foster and enhance networking amongst women on a global scale.