23-WS-VS-017-VS Rebrand-Brochure-OneClick CVO for CS Cust-Pt2-FINAL


OneClick CVO for CredentialStream customers

Simplify the initial and re-credentialing processes
Install with ease and pay as you go
Reduce the time and expense associated with credentialing verification
Verifying credentials can be time-consuming and expensive
Verifying credentials of healthcare professionals is a critical component of ensuring patient safety . Whether managing the process in-house or outsourcing to a third party , it requires time and resources .
Get on-demand support with a single click
Count on OneClick CVO , an easy way to select providers within CredentialStream and request our NCQA-certified CVO ’ s assistance with completing the credentials verification process on your behalf .
Staff Reviews Application for Accuracy Prior to Sending
Send Provider Data to CVO from Dashboard
Credentialing Completed
Receive Verifications and Documents in your Database
Primary Source Verification
Credentialed Application Audited for Accuracy