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Bilingual / Multilingual Seal Program


Minnesota Bilingual and Multilingual Seal and World Language Proficiency Certificate

“ Language isn ’ t a ‘ credit for graduation ’ to check off , but a skill that ‘ checks you in ’ to future opportunity .” -ACTFL , Egnatz , 2017
The Minnesota Bilingual Seals program was created by the state of Minnesota to recognize students who demonstrate proficiency in a second language . Taking another language in middle school helps students build a strong foundation to achieve functional proficiency in another language .
To achieve functional language proficiency in more than one language a student must make it a long-term goal . This applies to both heritage speakers of languages other than English as well as students studying a world language . Proficiency is directly related to the number of hours spent studying the language over long-term , therefore , students should plan how they will achieve this goal over time . A student ’ s chances of achieving functional proficiency increase the earlier a student starts studying a language .
Benefits :
The Bilingual / Multilingual Seal program gives students in grades 10 , 11 and 12 an opportunity to earn college credit from the Minnesota State system , a statewide network of 30 colleges and 7 universities with 54 campuses across Minnesota .
Additional Benefits :
• To encourage students to study languages .
• To certify attainment of biliteracy .
• To provide employers with a method of identifying people with language biliteracy skills .
• To provide universities an additional method to recognize applicants seeking admission .
• To prepare learners with 21st century skills .
• To recognize the value of foreign language and native language instruction in public schools .
• To strengthen intergroup relationships , affirm the value of diversity , and honor the multiple cultures and languages of a community .
Eligibility :
• Both heritage speakers and world language students who have worked towards functional proficiency in English and another language are eligible to test and to prove abilities .
• In addition to demonstrating the required proficiency levels in a language other than English on an assessment based on the America Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages ( ACTFL ), students must demonstrate mastery of Minnesota ’ s English language proficiency standards
• Satisfactorily complete all required English language arts credits
• Every high school in the AHSD has a system in place to verify and award the MN Bilingual / Multilingual Seal and World Language Proficiency Certificate .
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