2023 Sport & Outdoor | Page 219

Ultimate Nordic Ortovox 219


D-SKIFIX Diagonal ski fastener , versatile in use .
HELMET NET Removable net for convenient and secure fastening of a helmet , which can also be used in combination with attached skis .
CIRCUMFERENTIAL ZIPPER Rapid access to the entire contents of the main compartment through the convenient front access .
CHEST STRAP WITH ALARM WHISTLE to quickly draw attention in emergency situations .
SAFETY COMPARTMENT Immediate access to emergency equipment .
COMPRESSION STRAP Simple backpack compression with little content . Also serves as a side ski fastener .
WIDE HIP BELT Wide and elasticated for an optimal body-hugging fit , even when in motion .
SNOWBOARD AND SNOWSHOE FASTENER Flexible carrying fastener for snowboards , snowshoes , and others .
HYDRATION SYSTEM COMPATIBLE Secure holder for all common drink bladders . ( all models )
BRIGHT INSIDE Light colors inside make it easier to find your equipment .
ICE AXE AND HIKING POLE ATTACHMENT Simple , rigid fastener allows rapid access to ice axe and poles .
BACK ACCESS Rapid and convenient access to the entire contents of the main compartment .
INSULATED SHOULDER STRAP Prevents freezing of drinking tube .
ROPE ATTACHMENT Simple attachment allowing for rapid access without having to open the cover .
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