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Ultimate Nordic Atsko 11
532ml AT1338
18 Washes Fpk : 12
1 L AT1338L
34 Washes Fpk : 6
1.9 L AT1338Q 64 Washes
Fpk : 6
Sport-Wash Residue Free Detergent is safe for all washable fabrics , and yet powerful enough to remove odors and your toughest stains . Its secret is that unlike other detergents designed to leave brighteners , fragrances , and other residue behind , Sport-Wash rinses completely . Nothing is left on your clothing to clog the pores of your fabric . Cotton , wool , and synthetic materials are left completely clean . Insulation like down , Thinsulate , and Hollofil fluff up for maximum warmth . And even difficult to clean sportswear materials such as Gore-Tex have their waterproofing and breathability restored .
The total rinsability of Sport-Wash leaves nothing behind to smell , clog , or radiate UV glow from brighteners . While Sport-Wash does not contain phosphates to “ brighten ” your clothes , you ’ ll find it does not need them because on its own it leaves fabrics cleaner than any other detergent .
In addition , if you or any members of your family have sensitive skin or are allergic to the residue left behind by commercial detergents , Sport-Wash eliminates the rash , redness , and irritation you ’ ve suffered through with other detergents . No more itchy , irritated skin .
Sport-Wash is safe and effective even for “ delicate care ” fabrics . It will remove stains and odors without harming bright colors . It likely costs less per load than your regular laundry detergent and completely eliminates the need for fabric softener ( another source of odor and chemical irritation ).
Atsko Sportwash is rated as Readily Biodegradable making it environmental friendly . This means that it has passed certain screening tests for ultimate biodegradability and is assumed to rapidly and completely biodegrade in aquatic environments under aerobic conditions .
Sno Seal
Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing protects leather from rain , sun , snow , and salt . The beeswax formula dries to a solid wax that “ stays put ” in the surface of the leather so it lasts longer . Our competitors ’ greases , oil , and animal products are able to migrate through the leather till they clog all the pores . These waterproofing products fill the natural spaces that are supposed to absorb perspiration and insulate . In addition , animal fats weaken and rot leather . The tannery worked hard to remove the fats and preserve the leather , so it ’ s hard to imagine why you ’ d put it back on .
Sno-Seal will help you feel more comfortable in Gore-Tex ® fabric lined boots because it allows the Gore-Tex ® -absorbed perspiration to escape out of the leather . And not only will Sno-Seal keep you warm and dry , it ’ ll also help you from getting tired . A typical leather boot can soak up to half a kilo of water . That means you lift more than 1 kg extra to walk one kilometer . Sno-Seal keeps the whole boot dry , warm and light .
Tube ( 118 ml ) AT1333 Fpk : 24 Jar ( 236 ml ) AT1330 Fpk : 24
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