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74 Coghlan ’ s Ultimate Nordic coghlans for kids
Poncho For Kids
Lightweight and reusable poncho with attached hood . Fits kids ages 6 and up .
Art . nr . CG0242 Fpk : 12
Binoculars for Kids
Coghlan ’ s Binoculars For Kids are made from sturdy and safe plastic with large lens that provide a 4 x 30 magnification .
Art . nr . CG0238 Fpk : 4
Seven-Function Binoculars
Seven functions for looking and learning : binoculars , monocular , magnifying glass , linen counter , compass , stereoscope , and signal mirror .
Four Function Whistle For Kids
Includes a Whistle , 2-scale Thermometer , Magnifier , and Compass .
Art . nr . CG0240 Fpk : 6
Art . nr . CG0235 Fpk : 6
Scavenger Hunt
Turn outdoor learning into a fun adventure hike with Coghlan ’ s Scavenger Hunt . Each set includes two plastic treasure boxes with removable dividers and , two game cards with pictures of all the objects to find , like different kinds of leaves or rocks , acorns and various other items .
Fireside Gaming Kit
Play thousands of different games on the go with this kit full of essential classic gaming items .
Art . nr . CG2170 Fpk : 4 Art . nr . CG2172 Fpk : 6
Fireside Story Dice
Telling stories by the fire is a tradition as old as camping itself and Coghlan ’ s wants to bring back that tradition with Fireside Story Dice . Just roll the dice and make a story based on the symbols that come up . The best part about this game is that there are no rules .
Art . nr . CG2174 Fpk : 6
3- in 1 Tower Game
Coghlan ’ s has put a new twist on the classic tower brick game with this 3-in-1 game set . Along with the classic tower game , this set can also be used to play dominoes or a matching game with the symbols printed on the bricks .
Art . nr . CG2180 Fpk : 4
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