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Printer Prime

Because we ’ re in for the long run

We believe in quality . Why ? Because it is still the best way to ensure sustainable products for everyone . We are therefore very proud to present our brand new , bi-colour collection : Printer Prime .
When we say quality we mean QUALITY From the best fabric in high grammages to a detailed finish . The Prime collection has been well thought out ! This ensures that we can really guarantee quality . In addition , this collection is circularly designed , which allows us to greatly reduce the impact on the environment .
When we say for everyone we mean FOR EVERYONE We have deliberately designed our line in a modern way so that it can be worn by almost every branch of industry . For us , a collection for everyone really means a collection for everyone . Our clothes are washable at 60 ° C . In this way , the laundry can be cleaned not only stain-free , but also completely hygienic . In addition , our Prime collection can be tumble dried at a low temperature ( max . 60 ° C ) and has been tested for industrial washing in accordance with EN ISO 15797 . Our collection is really for everyone : from XS to 2XL for women and from S to 5XL for Gentlemen
When we say sustainable , we really mean SUSTAINABLE When developing this collection , a lot of attention was paid to sustainability , based on LCA calculations in which water and energy consumption was reduced and co2 emissions were also reduced . In addition , each item of clothing consists of organic cotton and / or recycled polyester . Organic cotton is better for the soil and air and also uses less water and energy . Recycled polyester gives a new sustainable use to PET bottles . But we go further than that , even our packaging is compostable : our polybags are made of PLA , a material that quickly and safely breaks down into compost . With Printer Prime you choose sustainable products and especially a more sustainable textile industry .