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Have you wondered where your drinking water comes from ?
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Advocating for Clean Water

Have you wondered where your drinking water comes from ?
Delaware Nature Society ( DelNature ) thinks about it quite a bit – and works diligently to make sure our supply is secure and safe . By influencing funding for clean water projects , working toward land protections that help improve our degraded waterways , and helping people who are most at risk of flooding from major storms , DelNature ’ s three-person advocacy team and partners help protect the health and safety of all Delawareans .
Advocacy , with conservation and education , is one of the three pillars of DelNature ’ s mission to connect people with the environment . Our advocacy is not limited to water , however . For nearly 60 years , we have worked for preservation of critical natural areas , protection of wildlife , and conservation of important habitats . That work becomes ever more important as the population increases , development continues to reshape the landscape , and our understanding of climate change and sea level rise evolves .
“ These are everyday concerns that have significant effects on environmental health and ... human health .”
“ These are not abstract issues ,” says Director of Advocacy Mark Nardone . “ These are everyday concerns that have significant effects on environmental health and , by extension , human health . Our job is to educate policy makers about the impacts as we recruit and train citizen advocates while we endeavor to create the public and political will to adopt common-sense solutions .”
Supported by a generous grant from the William Penn Foundation and further support from the National Wildlife Foundation , DelNature participates in large coalitions of local governments , universities , and other conservation groups and environmental
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organizations that are striving to improve the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River watersheds .
We also collaborate with local peer organizations in efforts to create green infrastructure , reduce stormwater and agriculture runoff , and remove legacy toxins in our waterways . We advocate for funding of Delaware ’ s Open Space and Farmland Preservation programs . We urge meaningful action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions through adoption of renewable energy technologies such as offshore wind power . And we strive for investments in environmental justice through actions such as legislation to end further pollution of communities that are overburdened by related health impacts .
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