2023 KeHE Summer Eco Friendly Trade Show - Page 5


PLAY YOUR CARDS RIGHT Did you know there are lots of ( free ) options for creating digital business cards that can be shared with a QR code right from your phone or from a durable card ? Instead of ordering another box of business cards to hand out at the show , take a few minutes to create a digital version instead . Bonus : Never worry about running out of cards ever again .
One option is through a free tool called QR Code Generator . Check out instructions on one way to create free virtual business cards using a QR code .
BYOB ( BRING YOUR OWN BOTTLE ) Bring a reusable water bottle and fill up at drinking fountains instead of using disposable water bottles . Java junkie ? Bring a reusable thermos .
REDUCE , REUSE , RECYCLE Look for recycling stations throughout the show floor to divert recyclables from the landfill .
KEEP IT DIGITAL Look for QR codes in the booths to grab information instead of grabbing paper handouts .
TRAVEL IN STYLE Consider carbon offsets to cover your travel to the show .
BE DIRECT When flying , book a direct flight to reduce your carbon footprint . A large part of a plane ’ s emissions come from take-off and landing .
GREEN YOUR RIDE When renting a car , select a fuel-efficient vehicle . It will reduce emissions and save you gas money . Next level : Choose an electric or hybrid vehicle .
GO LOCAL Choose local restaurants for team dinners and explore sustainable destinations for team building activities .
2023 KeHE Summer Eco Friendly Trade Show 5