2023 KeHE Summer Eco Friendly Trade Show - Page 4


SORT IT OUT Provide clearly-labeled collection receptacles at your booth for guests to discard recyclable materials that can be diverted from the landfill . Bring your recyclables to our recycling stations throughout the show floor .
HYDRATE RIGHT Make sure everyone on your team has a reusable water bottle and fills up at drinking fountains instead of using disposable water bottles . Java junkie ? Bring a reusable thermos .
SPICK & SPAN Choose eco-friendly cleaning supplies to keep your booth looking great .
SLEEP MODE Save energy by powering down your booth at the end of the day .
STAY NEUTRAL Consider carbon offsets to cover your group ’ s travel to the show , as well as the freight for shipping materials to and from the show . Use an EPA SmartWay Shipping Program participant for moving your freight . What can you buy locally when you arrive rather than shipping to the show ?
BE DIRECT When flying , book a direct flight to reduce your carbon footprint . A large part of a plane ’ s emissions come from take-off and landing .
GREEN YOUR RIDE When renting a car , select a fuel-efficient vehicle . It will reduce emissions and save you gas money . Next level : Choose an electric or hybrid vehicle .
KEEP IT CLOSE Stay close to the convention center to minimize transportation to and from the show floor , and share cabs / rideshares , walk , or use public transit when possible .
LIGHTEN THE LOAD Many hotels offer an option to opt-out of daily linen & towel replacement . Save resources by declining daily linen refresh . Turn off the lights and TV in your room before you head to the show each day .
BE PROUD ! Communicate what you are doing to lighten your footprint on your collateral , social media , and more !
4 2023 KeHE Summer Eco-Friendly Trade Show