2023 KeHE Summer Eco Friendly Trade Show - Page 3


DIGITAL REVOLUTION Use QR codes in your booth instead of printed materials . When you must print , choose post-consumer recycled paper stock , print double-sided , use soy-based ink , avoid dated promotional items so you can reuse later , and avoid glossy , metallic , or other coatings that would keep the paper from being recyclable . Bonus points for FSC or SFI certified !
SIGNS OF THE TIMES Steer clear of non-recyclable banners , table covers and signage . Ditch the vinyl and foam core . Opt for recyclable paperboard and cardboard options . If you must use vinyl , choose a PVC-free option . Ask your print shop or design group what sustainable options they offer – you might be surprised !
IN IT FOR THE LONG HAUL Be evergreen in the design of your signage , swag , and other materials , so they can be used again show after show . Choose durable , reusable signage that will last for multiple years .
BUILD YOUR BOOTH BETTER Building out your booth ? Choose more environmentally-friendly cabinets , shelves and flooring made from sustainable materials and that are low or no VOC . Light your booth with LEDs . Choose Energy-Star rated appliances to keep perishables cool at your booth . Ask your exhibit contractor what eco-friendly options they offer , and encourage them to offer more green solutions .
PACK IT IN , PACK IT OUT Create reusable shipping crates for your booth exhibit . Choose biodegradable packing peanuts and kraft or newsprint packing paper . Eliminate plastic packing materials such as bubble wrap and polystyrene peanuts .
SAMPLING AT THE SHOW ? Best practice : Use certified compostable service ware made from materials such as paper , bamboo and PLA . Next best option : service ware made from recycled materials . DID YOU KNOW : Even if made from recyclable materials , most sampling-size service ware is too small to make it through municipal recycling systems .
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